Thursday, October 27, 2005

First Fire

We had our first fire in our new fireplace last night. Jay was so excited to light it and it only took an entire cardboard box to get it going! We sat on the floor in front of the fire and enjoyed the heat. Jay finished reading Winnie the Pooh to Ian and they shared a cup of hot chocolate, sounds nice doesn't it? It was, then we all fell asleep... Jay and I both woke up around 12am and Ian was asleep on the floor too.

Starting the fire

The First Fire

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I haven't posted in a while. So I'm just going to post a bunch at once. We've had great weather here, low 42 and high in the 6o's I think. Anyway, Fall is finally here and it feels awesome. We've been roasting marshmellows over around a fire the past two nights. The boys were really cute eating all the marshmellows and chocolate. We have these mini-lanterns they like to carry in the dark out to the fire, they are really cute doing that too! There isn't much they do that isn't cute, well, I guess the whinning isn't really that cute! Anyway, here are a few pictures of the boys dancing and wearing hats. When I'm getting ready in the morning, I turn on the music and they run around my room with these old hats dancing and laughing.

New Creation

Well, I made something for myself. Finally!! It's a cute duffel bag-style purse out of a quilted suede-like material with a houndstooth patterned lining. It has a zipper closure and I even added a little pocket to the inside.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It's a sling thing!

I have been making baby slings for the past year now as gifts, as well as selling a few. I have had many people request information, so I'm posting my lastest sling and now diaper bag ensamble. If you would like more information please add a comment. I plan on having a website in the near future with all my creations for sale. Keep checking this blog for updated creations and I'll post the website as soon as it's ready!
Diaper Changing Pad
16"x24", padded with ribbon tie closure

Diaper Bag, Changing Pad and Sling Gift Set

Baby Sling

Black solid bottom weight with toile' accent on the tail

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Emerald Lane Pirates!

Cute Little Farmer!

Wiping off the dirt after falling!

1st Haircut




Well, I gave in! Sean got his first haircut this morning!

Little Henry Boy's Preschool, Continued......

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Little Henry Boy's Preschool

Here is a picture of my boys doing their "school lesson". We talked about David and Goliath and Ian was working on gluing cotton balls on paper for sheep and Sean was coloring and playing with sissors, yes I said sissors, safe ones I assure you. ttfn

Monday, October 10, 2005

A Pirates Life for Me!

While sitting outside with my two boys, Ian 2-1/2 and Sean 14 months, I notice them on top of a plastic slide/house holding sticks high in the air. Ian is singing "Yo, ho, ho a pirate's life for me" while Sean hums along, waving his stick above his head, mimicking older brother's every move. There are sticks everywhere! We have lots of them, they are guns, swords, spears, weed wackerers (as Ian calls them), shovels, planes and so on. On a typical day, we have a large collection of sticks outside on the porch waiting for a little boy to pick them up and bring them back to life. Did I mention that Ian is a naked pirate? Yes, he is going bare bottom around the house and outside to help promote proper use of the plumbing fixture we call a potty! This technique seems to be working. Progress has been made with little effort and a few accidents. Oh, what a great day it will be when we no longer have to change an almost 3 year olds dirty, dirty diaper! t.t.f.n.

Sewing Inspiration

This past weekend I was inspired to start sewing again, after browsing the internet for christmas gift ideas. Anyway, I started sewing on Friday and I stopped on Sunday at 12am, which was officially Monday morning. I assure you I didn't sew non-stop, but I completed 8 pillows and two tote bags. The first bag is not worthy of the internet, but I'll share the other. I call it a Toille' Tote, it's 14x12x4 and it's made out of a black/cream toille' canvas, lined with red gingham and includes 4 pockets. I want to add some type of closure at the top, maybe a magnetic one or a red ribbon tie. Must go tend to the little ones and start our day!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

New nesting boxes

This is an old picture, but I wanted try and post one anyway. Ian is standing next to the new nesting boxes Jay built for the chickens. We had to retire the old ones, sorry Paul, and we found this design online. The chickens seem to like them and use them if they don't sneak into the rest of the barn and lay somewhere else. TTFN

Here it goes

Thought I would set up a blog just for fun. Hey, I just learned abou blogs this year and I found out they have been around for 5 years. Who knew? TTFN

Dirty Boys

Ian and Sean playing in the dirt, while Daddy digs a trench toward the pond for drainage