Monday, November 14, 2005

Family Square Dance

Fun was had by all Saturday on Emerald Lane! We had a traditional square dance at our house for a few people, oh I'd say about 100 of our closest friends and family! Well, we didn't know everyone, but we tried to meet them all and have a good time. We started with a mixer or and ice breaker game, where everyone walked around talking to each other asking questions and signing each others papers. There was all kinds of mixing going on, then the judging began for the chili and baking contests. Three judges for each contest tasted and thought and then tasted again, until they came to a consensus. We blessed the food and the eating began, we had salads and grilled chicken, hotdogs and a variety of casseroles, lots of food to go around. While all that was going on, there was a tractor with a wagon full of little children roaring around the property, which is also known as a hayride. The children waited, some patiently, some not for a ride in that wagon in the dark. After dinner, the contestants waited eagerly for the results of the contests and the winners were announced and received their prizes. Now to the main event, square dancing! The caller started around 7pm and rounded up everyone for some dancing fun. The adults danced while the children played running around freely without a care in the world. After a while the campfire was started and thoughts of smores took over the minds of the children. They waited and waited for the fire to be just right for roasting that fluffy marshmallow. Thankfully an adult felt lead to stand guard and direct the children in proper marshmallow roasting etiquette so the situation didn't get out of control. After the square dance the older children participated in the "Sledge-o-Matic" game, which consisted of 3 relay teams, 3 sledge hammers, 3 trees stumps, 3 bags full of soda cans, various fruits, jello cups and 3 pumpkins. At the sound of the whistle the first up runs to the stump, picks out and item out of the bag, places it on the stump and smashes it with the sledge hammer. Some took 2 or 3 tries or even 5, and some nailed the item on the first try. The soda cans were the best, when smashed they spewed like a fountain. That was the finale to the evening and then the clean up began. Everyone pitched in and got the work done! Thanks to all that came and made it a fun night!


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