Monday, November 28, 2005

Second Thanksgiving

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving all over again at my parents house. Jay and I have renamed it, Moshergiving (Mosher is my maiden name). Anyway, it's when my side of the family gets together, on a day other than Thanksgiving Day, and pigs out. The whole gang around the table! The effects of eating too much Turkey! We also threw my sister Monica a surprise baby shower and played a really funny game, called "Guess what's in the diaper?" Here's how it goes; there are 6 diapers filled with various "food" items, you pass the diapers around, sniff and/or taste to figure out what's in the diaper. Some of the items were, mashed up Mr. Goodbar, pesto, mustard, squash cassrole, and sweet potatoes. Some were pretty realistic looking and smelling, yuck! Everyone had a good laugh! Monica opening her presents! Mom sniffing a diaper! Jay, Ian, Erin, and Monica cracking up while playing the diaper game!


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