Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Christmas Pictures

Ian riding his new bike with his new cowboy hat!

Sean is under there

Ian with his cousins, Ethan and Ben

Sean "Bunyan"

Thanks Oma and Opa for the cool paper roll! It's great for painting!

Christmas & More

Christmas has come and gone once more, leaving us all with lots of chocolate, cookies, toys and snoty noses? Yes, the noses are still running! We might have a record this year. Even with the coughing and constant runny noses, we all had a great Christmas! We started celebrating on Christmas Eve Eve, Friday night at my parent's house. Everyone was there with lots of food and games and of course presents. The kids had their own party tray with food, like chicken nuggets, popcorn balls, raisins and specially cutout grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't remember my parents making me fancy sandwiches. I guess the granchildren get all the good stuff! Sean especially liked the popcorn balls, everytime I saw him he had one in his hand, he probably ate 5 or 6! We draw names in three groups, the adults, the teenagers and then the smaller children. It works out, because there are so many of us. On Christmas Eve we had some of Jay's family over for snacks and we sang some carols. Ian had a great time playing the jingle bells and his drum along with us. Christmas Day we woke up and opened our stockings and presents and then exchanged gifts next door with Jay's family and had a yummy breakfast. Then, it was nap time for Sean and we had to get ready for church. After church it was nap time for everyone and then we had Christmas Dinner! That's it, then I was pooped and ready for bed.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Post

Just bored and wanted to post because I haven't posted in a while. Well, lately my boys have been sick, well Ian has been sick since November. He has had a cough that turned into an ear infection, treated with antibotics and then he caught something else, fever and now some red rash, maybe rosiola? Now Sean is snotty and coughing and Jay and I think we are getting something too. So, we are just homebound for a while, yuck!!! Other than being sick we're ready for Christmas, all the presents are wrapped and the tree is up with lights and decorations. The cookies have been baked, eaten and then baked again, waiting to be eaten again! The Christmas cards have been mailed, but no letter this year, just couldn't get it together to write a nice letter. Though I did send everyone a link to the blog to catch up with us! As I was reviewing our year, I browsed our pictures on the computer and found some cute ones I thought I would share.......

Sean at 6 months, what a cutie!

The Beach in April!

The boys asleep in the car after one of the many trips to the new house during the building process!

Sean's 1st Birthday with our friends the Smiths from South Florida

Well, that was a little taste of our year before I started this blog. Have a Merry Christmas and I'll write more in the New Year! T.T.F.N.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Reasons NOT to take your small children to the Post Office during the holiday season to send a package internationally!

While waiting in line: - Your 3 year old holds the rotating Christmas Tree in place. - He then picks up the angel decoration and it drops on the floor. - He sings Ho, Ho, Ho to himself while dancing. At the counter: - The clerk does not accept the pre-filled in customs form. - She turns you away to fill out an even longer one and reminds you to address your package. - One year old starts to whine, wants out of stroller. At the bench: - Graham crackers are distributed, peace for a moment. - Finish filling out longer form and addressing package. While waiting in line again: - Must pick up and hold one year old while 3 year old chooses not to listen some more. - One year old drops graham cracker on the floor. At the counter again: - New clerk says I have the wrong form, must fill out new one. - 3 year old walks back to bench away from the counter, I call him back and make him sit in the stroller. With my back turned, he stands in it and a nice man helps me get him to sit. - I tell clerk I'm going crazy and I can't find the first form I filled out, MIA. - She let's me fill it out there while holding fussy one year old. The moral of the story is, go to the post office on Saturday without the small children!

Friday, December 09, 2005

New: Emerald Lane Creations Blog Site!

I have created a blog just for selling my creations at, Emerald Lane Creations Check it out and pass it on to anyone that might be interested!

Love for Shoes!

Seanie has a thing for shoes, all kinds, boots, slippers, flip flops, sneakers, even slip-on heels with bows. Go figure!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy 3rd Birthday Ian!

Just a quick post to announce that our Ian has turned "3"! Ian had a Winnie-the-Pooh Party including peanut butter and honey sandwiches and a pin-the-tail on Eeyore game! Here are some pictures, enjoy!