Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas & More

Christmas has come and gone once more, leaving us all with lots of chocolate, cookies, toys and snoty noses? Yes, the noses are still running! We might have a record this year. Even with the coughing and constant runny noses, we all had a great Christmas! We started celebrating on Christmas Eve Eve, Friday night at my parent's house. Everyone was there with lots of food and games and of course presents. The kids had their own party tray with food, like chicken nuggets, popcorn balls, raisins and specially cutout grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't remember my parents making me fancy sandwiches. I guess the granchildren get all the good stuff! Sean especially liked the popcorn balls, everytime I saw him he had one in his hand, he probably ate 5 or 6! We draw names in three groups, the adults, the teenagers and then the smaller children. It works out, because there are so many of us. On Christmas Eve we had some of Jay's family over for snacks and we sang some carols. Ian had a great time playing the jingle bells and his drum along with us. Christmas Day we woke up and opened our stockings and presents and then exchanged gifts next door with Jay's family and had a yummy breakfast. Then, it was nap time for Sean and we had to get ready for church. After church it was nap time for everyone and then we had Christmas Dinner! That's it, then I was pooped and ready for bed.


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