Monday, December 12, 2005

Reasons NOT to take your small children to the Post Office during the holiday season to send a package internationally!

While waiting in line: - Your 3 year old holds the rotating Christmas Tree in place. - He then picks up the angel decoration and it drops on the floor. - He sings Ho, Ho, Ho to himself while dancing. At the counter: - The clerk does not accept the pre-filled in customs form. - She turns you away to fill out an even longer one and reminds you to address your package. - One year old starts to whine, wants out of stroller. At the bench: - Graham crackers are distributed, peace for a moment. - Finish filling out longer form and addressing package. While waiting in line again: - Must pick up and hold one year old while 3 year old chooses not to listen some more. - One year old drops graham cracker on the floor. At the counter again: - New clerk says I have the wrong form, must fill out new one. - 3 year old walks back to bench away from the counter, I call him back and make him sit in the stroller. With my back turned, he stands in it and a nice man helps me get him to sit. - I tell clerk I'm going crazy and I can't find the first form I filled out, MIA. - She let's me fill it out there while holding fussy one year old. The moral of the story is, go to the post office on Saturday without the small children!


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