Friday, January 20, 2006

Field Trip

The boys and I took a field trip today out to Uncle Pat and Aunt Leslee's farm, they have a new calf, named Norma Jean that we just had to meet. Sean and I got to feed Norma Jean her gigantic bottle, which she gets 5-6 times per day, while Ian slept in the stroller and Ramber, the pony, and Donquijote, the donkey looked on at us. Norma Jean loved her milk, and sucked it up as fast as she could. Every once in a while she would head butt the bottle to get the milk out faster and the bottle hit me once and hit Sean in the head. Not to worry we are both okay! After Norma Jean had her bottle we took her out to the field for her exercise and she frolicked with little Spot the dog, very cute! In the mean time, I was finally able to wake Ian and he enjoyed watching Norma Jean run around with Spot. The boys had a great time! Thanks Aunt Leslee for letting us meet Norma Jean!


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