Thursday, January 26, 2006

Outdoor Fun

Lately, we have been busy working outside. Here's the run down: A few weeks ago, Jay put up a tire swing by the pond, which Ian loves! (better picture to come) Just last weekend Jay found a new love, compost. He read this book, Let it Rot and decided to build a 4 bin compost and loaded it with hay from the chicken coop, which was very fertile!! It is heating up quickly and Jay is so excited! So weird, he asked me today with this big grin "did you see the steam coming off the compost this morning?" It was like he was telling me about some great news, like "I bought you a brand new sewing machine with an embroidery attachment and serger!!" Well, maybe not that great! But you get my point! I've been planting flowers and transplanting plants from the neighbors (you know the other Henry's). Pictures of my work to come. So I've neglected my sewing these days to work outside in the sun and the boys love to work right along side me. Ian with the hoe today and Sean with the shovel and me with this panicked look and even more panicked scream telling Ian, "stop holding the hoe above your head you might hit your brother!" Yikes! We all still have our heads and all our limbs. Not sure how? Here is a picture of Ian and Jay taking an evening paddle around the pond!


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