Sunday, March 19, 2006

A little of this and that

Spring in Florida is one of my favorite times, clear/blue skies, cool/warm weather, everything is blooming and the grass is green. The chance of a hurricane or other bad weather is non-existent. Life is good! This weekend was just an awesome example of Spring and we spent the entire day outside working and playing. I did spend a little time inside in the morning with my sewing machine, while the boys helped dad outside. I worked on a cute little bunny, the pattern came from wee wonderfuls, pictures to come. Jay's dad bought a tiller for his tractor so they could have a giant garden by the barn, so we brought it over to our tiny garden and tilled the side we haven't planted yet, which only took 5 minutes compared to the full days work the other tiller took. Wow, when you have the right equipment the job gets done much faster! The boys played on the huge dirt pile off and on during the day, but towards the late afternoon they spent a good hour on it and ended up having a dirt fight which resulted in the following. After they were covered in dirt what is a mother to do, but throw them in an outdoor bubble bath for a deep cleaning! Too bad they won't remember these days, but I'm sure I'll show them the pictures some day! Now that the shower has come and gone, I can show off my latest diaper bag set. I made it for my sister-in-law who is having her third boy next month. It is out of the Central Park Toile' with a plaid bottom and a coordinating print inside. There is also a coordinating bib with a button closure and a changing pad/burp cloth to match! More pictures here! In other crafty news, I made some cute bibs and blankets for a swap with Marce, you can check them out here! I made this quilt a few months ago, but never got around to sharing it. I guess I can't really call it a quilt because it does not have batting or quilting, so I will call it a patchwork blanket!


At 3/20/2006 03:53:00 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh, I love the colors in your "quilt/blanket" - really nice!

At 3/26/2006 08:00:00 PM, Blogger Marce said...

"Cute" bibs and blankets you say?! Those things were down right gorgeous. You are one modest and talented woman Mrs. Henry, my sister and sister in law are both thrilled to have these Emerald Lane Creations. When your machine get whirring - look out! This is a swap, right? HA! I better get busy!! :-P Thanks again for the beautiful handiwork.


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