Tuesday, May 30, 2006

new fabrics

New fabrics are over at my other site, check them out here. I will be making up some bags and putting them up for sale, either on my site or through etsy or ebay. So check back for some cute stuff to buy!

fun weekend

My posts have been few and far between lately, so I've decided to just post alot at once. We had a great weekend and started it on Saturday with a 2-year old birthday party. Not your typical 2-year old party, it was actually fun for the adults too! Our friends Gary and Julie live on a creek called Black Creek and they just built a boat dock where we ate our lunch and then we played in the water on the little sandy beach they have at the creek. The boys had a blast in the water, of course, and enjoyed home-made ice cream and cake. Good job Julie, yummy cake! Sunday was a great day we finally got some rain after 2 months of drought. It not only rained but I did see some hail, it was quite a storm. We were thankful for it though! Yesterday we spent the morning cleaning up around the house and taking care of the animals. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Sean got into these and here is the outcome! He managed to only get the marker on himself and not on the walls or floor. Thank goodness for washable markers! We had lunch with Jay's sister and family, who were traveling back home to Tallahassee. Then, we were off to Spring Park for a Memorial Day Party with entertainment by The Clay County Community Band, which Jay's Dad is a part of. Sean enjoyed the band sitting on Grammie's lap and here is the picture of him when we were telling him, "put your tongue back in your mouth" and he just stuck it out further. It was a beautiful day with a great breeze by the water! Here is Ian's Garden, we are part of a homeschool group and this summer we are participating in an 8-week co-op, half science and half art. In the science half we are learning about creation, then for the art half we will be learning about artists and their style of art. I'm sure I'll post Ian's art, so excited to see what he creates, he loves to paint and he's very creative. It's soo much fun! The garden was planted on Tuesday and as of Saturday, this is what it looks like. Amazing how fast the seedlings grow. It's really a mix of everything, rye grass, beans, radishes and basil. Finally, on a crafty note, I've been busy making a sling, a diaper bag, both orders, I must admit that because it doesn't happen often, but I know it will take time to get this business going and a better website and I actually have to make some samples. So, I've ordered more fabric very cute stuff and I'm going to whip up a bunch of bags and sell them! Positive attitude, that's what it's going to take I'm sure!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Circle Skirt Panel

Circle Skirt Panel
Originally uploaded by emerald lane.
While I was picking up some batting at the local superstore, I came across this cute fabric for a circle skirt on a panel of fabric, already printed with the waistband and directions. Pretty easy, except for the few times I had to rip out the waistband because I couldn't understand the small diagram and simple directions. Then, I headed over to my Mom's to use her special hemming foot, thanks Mom. She only had to rip out a few sections of the hem as well! I wore the skirt this past Sunday to church and did get a few positive comments and it was comfy. This is a picture of the panel I bought before I cut it out and made the skirt. Pictures of the skirt finished to come!

Homegrown Squash and Green Beans

We have vegetables and lots of watermelon, like 15 or so. Any recipes out there for watermelon, what do you do with 20 watermelon at once? I guess we could do that cool sledgehammer game again! We ate these with grilled chicken on Saturday night and what a difference it makes to grow it yourself. I cooked the green beans, southern style boiled in water with a ham hock and lots of salt. I made a yummy squash casserole with the yellow squash, like my sister-in-law, Angela makes for holidays. Found the recipe online, I love GOOGLE! The green beans tasted so different, just yummy and the boys kept asking for more. I'm hoping that they will eat more vegetables because of the garden. Ian was just tickled that we picked the squash and we were going to eat it.

Baby Gift Set

Baby Gift Set Originally uploaded by emerald lane.
I have gotten back in the sewing room since my vacation. I tried sewing a smock to wear out for this month's tie one on, but it looks more like a tent, no picture neccessary. Then I worked on a baby gift set order in pink toile', very cute! Set includes a burp cloth, bib and changing pad that rolls up and is secured with a fabric covered elastic band.

Baby Ducks

Baby Ducks Originally uploaded by emerald lane.
Well, I've been pretty quiet lately, just haven't felt like posting. Not that there isn't anything to post about, lots going on around here. In March we ordered baby ducks for Jay's Dad's birthday and they finally arrived. The boys and I picked them up at the Post Office last week. They are all very cute and Grampie has taken to them quickly.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Boca Java Coffee Review #1

For my first review, I bring you "Blogs of Bravery, THE REAL STORY IN REAL TIME" The description under the name goes something like this, "FRONT LINE FUEL FROM A BLEND OF SOUTH AMERICAN DARK AND MEDIUM ROASTS TO CREATE A WELL BALANCED SMOOTH TASTE." I must say that the description is right on. Once you open the bag you notice two types of beans and a wonderful aroma. The taste is definetly smooth all around, very good quality. I give this one a 9!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

home again

We are back from our whirlwind tour of the South-Eastern United States. The boys endured the long road trip with minimal screaming and fighting in the backseat. Jay and I endured the long road trip with minimal screaming and fighting in the front seat. Seriously, the trip was beautiful and we had a great time. The Wigington Farm in SC was so much fun and just breathtaking. The farm is home to 250 beef cattle, a few horses, some dogs and the Wigington Family, which has owned the farm land for over 100 years. Thanks for taking care of us and making us part of your family. After two nights at the farm, we all drove up to Virginia for the two-day Family Conference. It was very inspiring and well-attended. Doug Phillips was especially motivating with his talk on the role of the father today. Very convicting! We spent the morning grooming our garden, adding more mulch, staking the tomatoes, peas and cucumbers. After only a week, we have fruit growing, there are baby watermelons, yellow squash, and corn too! It's so exciting to watch it all grow and the boys are loving it!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

coming and going

It is different around Emerald Lane after almost two weeks away, the grass is a little longer, our dog is a little stinkier, the house has a new house smell that we stopped noticing, the pigs and chickens are bigger and the garden is growing like crazy! I couldn't believe the corn, it has tripled in size and the watermelon is taking over the garden already. Everything is really going strong, thanks to our temporary gardener (Jay's Mom), she kindly took care of our beloved garden, watered and weeded when she wasn't feeding the pigs and chickens and taking care of her own garden. Thanks Mom Henry!

First Lettuce Harvest!

Oh, but there is more! We are only in town for a quick re-pack and one day of rest before we are off again to South Carolina and Virginia for some country fun. First stop, Easley, SC to visit a family farm with some friends. Second stop, Abingdon,VA for a family conference. So, thanks again Mom Henry for your hard work and dedication, only 5 days to go!

the beach

We made it back from the beach in one piece. Jay had to go for work and we tagged along for almost two weeks of South Florida sun and fun! We used to live in Delray Beach, so visiting was extra cool because we were able to catch up with some old friends, thanks Karen for hosting the gathering at your house! The house we stayed in was the highlight of the trip. It was a little casita right on the beach, with a great view, two bedrooms, a kitchen/living room and a common heated pool/jacuzzi. The boys and I spent our days either at the beach, the pool or strolling down A1A while poor Daddy had to work, even through the first weekend. Ian learned how to swim on his own while we were there and Sean went from now wanting me to let him go in the pool to jumping in from the side, with swimmies of course. Our stay was extended two nights, so Jay could work another day, which then allowed him to spend a little time with us during the day on the last weekend. Then I didn't have to feel guilty for enjoying myself sooo much!

The main entrance to the complex

Our little casita, great view!

Daddy and the boys hanging out watching a movie