Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Sean!

Today Sean turns 2! We celebrated last night with some friends/family and good food. The menu included home raised barbeque chicken and store bought pork ribs, but soon that's going to change. Jay spent the good part of the morning preparing the birds while I got the rest of the food ready, like corn bread muffins, coleslaw, sweet tea and chocolate cake with strawberries. The kids had a great time playing and just being kids, they managed to stop for 5 minutes to eat and then it was off to playing again. After we ate, we went swimming next door at the grandparents house and enjoyed cake and ice cream. The kids swam till it was dark and our boys are still sleeping it off this morning. I can't believe my Seanie is already 2, I don't remember much of the past two years, since Ian is only 20 months older, it just seems like a blur. Sean is very special to us and we love his happy personality. He is always ready to give us a hug and a kiss even when we don't ask for one. Lately, he has been into dress up clothes, trying on everything he can manage to wear, like a cowboy hat, a hook and a sword with a santa claus hat underneath. We love you Seanie!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

watermelon anyone?

This morning we headed out to the beach for a little fun in the sun. We live about 45 minutes from St. Augustine Beach, which makes our trips to the beach day trips. I haven't taken the boys by myself before, because of the drive and the effort, but what was I waiting for. I remember when my sister would pack up her station wagon with her boys, her two sisters, and everything else baby related she could fit in and head out to the beach. Those were the best days of my summer when I was 8 and I want my boys to experience the beach too! We had a great day playing without any complaining or fighting over toys. It's carefree play at its best. I'm going again next week and maybe the week after that. I think we'll make it part of our weekly routine until it's too cold to go.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

summer heat brings sunflowers

A few months ago we planted 3 sunflower seed packets and hand watered our little plants until today they are producing lovely, no beautiful flowers. They are the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen. Yesterday I had 9 3-4 year olds and their Mom's over for a Van Gogh lesson (homeschool co-op). We learned all about Van Gogh and painted sunflowers, well some of the children attempted to paint them from the still life I had in the center of the table. Ian and a few others just painted all over their papers without even looking at the flowers. That's something we need to work on. Anyway, we learned about pointalism last week and next week we are doing some kind of painting on plaster. I'm very excited about my latest bag. It's a bag for the beach/pool out of oil cloth, inside and out. I got an email last week from someone who found my site through another and they wanted a pool bag. Well, I had this idea and I wanted one too so I made a mock up for myself. It's so much better than my old baby blue bag that was a freebee. Sean has really gotten into dressing up so here he is last week as a police man with a hook!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

worth the visit

I would like to introduce a good friend of mine from college, his name is Clay Bolt, isn't that a cool name? We were both in the art department at Anderson College in the great state of South Carolina, where Clay grew up and still lives. I had the privelage to hang out with him and a few other talented and very hilarious people, Kelli, Katie and Kerry in college. I have such great memories of those days and I still keep in touch with most of the group. Clay is now married to a great gal, all the way from Australia. They have a cute little little boy and a baby on the way, yeah! Clay is a talented graphic designer, a nature photographer/writer and an avid bird watcher. You can check out his great website, clay bolt photography, which includes beautiful photos and a journal, which is like a blog. I'm so proud of my old friend! © copyright 2005. © Artist works, scans and web design protected by copyright

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Proof that I can sew on my new machine

The bag is just regular old sewing. I had an order to fill and my machine made it a lot easier. The cute aprons gave me some embroidery practice and I used two different decorative stitches as well. Now my boys can be even cuter when they are helping me out in the kitchen, as if that were possible! Check out my flickr photos for a closer view!

Jay and Nancy - July 10, 1999

Here we are 7 years ago on our wedding day! I love that curl in Jay's hair, he got rid of that soon after we married and went to the short cut, but I do have the picture. Thanks everyone for commenting on our anniversary and on my new machine. Unfortunately Jay got a stomach bug Sunday night and was sick most of Monday and I still have a lingering cold, which I hope to be over very soon! I used my new machine Sunday night to sew a bag and it was a dream. It was so quiet and very fast. I love the automatic thread cutting feature. I'll post pictures of the bag later today if I remember.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

welcome home esante

the 8 hour round trip was a success. we came home with a new to me sewing/embroidery machine with all the bells and whistles i'll ever need or want. we enjoyed the long country ride and even stopped at uf for a tour of the student gardens. it was interesting to see how differently the vegetables were staked and they even had bannana trees, with bannanas, 15 feet tall. back to the machine, it is a 9 year old machine by babylock, it has lots and lots of stitches, it embroiders, it has a button that you push and it cuts the thread for you, it has a touch screen and it's just really cool. i'm very excited and all my waiting and research paid off because i feel like i got something that is very versitile that can take me to the next level of sewing, but i didn't get ripped off in the process. i'm off to practice with my new machine!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

blogged out

so i'm sitting here waiting for Jay to finish up with a work emergency. yes, there are emergencies in the coffe business. i've been browsing some blogs and then i finally look at my pathetic, neglected blog and think i should post. but what should i post, well i have pictures from 4th of july, no then i'll have to go get the camera out of the kitchen and download the pictures, too much work. so i just started typing and this is what you get. no, that's not all! i'm waiting to drive 2 1/2 hours to crystal springs, fl to look at a used babylock esante sewing/embroidery machine. the store has it listed for a great price, but the downfall is the drive. after calling around town for used machines nothing came up and the stores only had floor models on sale for double the price of the used one. so, we are going to celebrate our anniversay, which is monday, driving to look at a sewing machine. i guess we'll get dinner while we are out! gotta go!