Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Sean!

Today Sean turns 2! We celebrated last night with some friends/family and good food. The menu included home raised barbeque chicken and store bought pork ribs, but soon that's going to change. Jay spent the good part of the morning preparing the birds while I got the rest of the food ready, like corn bread muffins, coleslaw, sweet tea and chocolate cake with strawberries. The kids had a great time playing and just being kids, they managed to stop for 5 minutes to eat and then it was off to playing again. After we ate, we went swimming next door at the grandparents house and enjoyed cake and ice cream. The kids swam till it was dark and our boys are still sleeping it off this morning. I can't believe my Seanie is already 2, I don't remember much of the past two years, since Ian is only 20 months older, it just seems like a blur. Sean is very special to us and we love his happy personality. He is always ready to give us a hug and a kiss even when we don't ask for one. Lately, he has been into dress up clothes, trying on everything he can manage to wear, like a cowboy hat, a hook and a sword with a santa claus hat underneath. We love you Seanie!


At 7/31/2006 08:37:00 AM, Blogger Marce said...

Happy Belated Birthday Seanie!!!
Still adorable as ever, and that feast sounds like it was wonderful!!


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