Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Goodbye Blogger

Please update your favorites, because I'm moving to Word Press, another blog site. Click here to be directed to my new site.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Garden update

Here is the state of our garden these days. The tomatoes are finishing up, the broccoli is finally coming in and we've gotten a few green peppers. When I was cleaning out the watermelon vines, I noticed a live green vine and some fruit. So, the watermelon is not dead and it goes on, there are 3 melons growing right now. We cleaned out everything else and planted pumpkins and built a trellis for pole beans and cucumbers. I plan on planting some more tomatoes, squash, onions and bush beans once I can find the seeds. The local stores removed the spring displays and aren't getting any new seeds for another month. The spring garden was a great learning experience, how many seeds to plant, what grows well, and how long things take. I was able to preserve alot of cucumbers and tomatoes through canning. I have displayed the cans in the Living Room shelves, not much pantry space available. We are now down one pig. Scatter has left us and will return in a few weeks in a new form. It all went well, we found a butcher in MacClenney and he picked up the hog yesterday and it will take about 2 weeks to process. It's weird writing about this, I know alot of people think we are weird for wanting to raise a pig and butcher it. We just want to taste fresh meat that we raised and know what exactly is in it. The bacon is cured and then smoked in a real smoke house by the butcher. He said the store-bought bacon is not processed in a smoke house and the bacon he makes is totally different. Can't wait to find out the difference! In crafting news, I practiced with my machine some more and embroidered a burp cloth for a baby gift. I like the way it turned out, still trying to figure how to line the fabric up in the hoop properly. I'm also working on a crib bumper, skirt, curtain panels and pillow covers for a custom order. This will be the first time I've made these for a customer, so I'm a little nervous I'm going to mess up, but excited to see the finished product!

Monday, August 07, 2006

German Night

We are part of a Supper Club that meets every 4-6 weeks at a different home each meeting and the themes have included Thai, Italian, Greek, Soul Food and German. We hosted German Night this past Saturday Night and we had a Cheese Dip with crackers, Knockwurst, Brautwurst and Keilbasa with Saur Kraut, German Potato Salad, Cabbage Salad, Pumperknickel Bread and Black Forest Cake and a variety of German Beers and Wines. My Dad's heritage is German, both his parents were from Germany, so I borrowed a few things for the table from them, including some great family pictures from Germany. Jay's Dad collects German Steins which we borrowed and used for drinking beer out of. The night was such fun we want to have an October Fest Celebration next.